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EnviroSystems Engineering & TEchnology Co., LTD.

EnviroSystems is a technology-oriented and service-oriented company focusing on waste and sewage resources, mainly engaged in scientific and technological innovation, consultation and service, manufacturing, and integration, etc. The company is involved in the field of sludge lime treatment, harmless, granulation; High temperature aerobic compost of sludge, garbage, and feces; Separation and resource utilization of sewage sources; Vacuum drainage; Curing treatment of dust and fly ash; Burning; Flue gas desulfurization, etc. The company has a total of more than 50 patented technologies, several technologies have been certified by Beijing "independent innovation products", was selected in the Zhongguancun independent innovation demonstration zone "gazelle plan" the first batch of key cultivation enterprises, listed in Beijing "enterprise independent innovation TOP100".

In recent years, as national attention to the problem of sludge, with Europe years of experience in research and development, engineering practice and related technical reserves, EnviroSystems is not only preparing for the disposal of sludge treatment technology guide to provide technical support, and participate in the China association for engineering construction "lime (limestone) powder for environmental management, engineering and technical standards, promote the development of sludge treatment technology in China, and rapid success sets up the related engineering performance (such as the Xiaohongmen lime treatment, sewage treatment plant in Hebei Yanjiao lime treatment, etc.).

Our company has the international first-class team, several proprietary technologies, and in the engineering, application has shown a good treatment effect, high-cost performance and no secondary pollution and other significant advantages. With the spirit of "respecting experience, advocating thinking, continuously innovating and realizing perfection", we provide first-class technology and professional service and systematic thinking for our international and domestic colleagues. Our service forms mainly include:

  Consulting and technical services

  Project technical planning, process design and optimization

  Core technical support and core equipment supply

  System of contracting

  Emergency handling, equipment leasing and sales

  Project technology (license) transfer

  Operation Technical Service

  BOT and BT participated in the shares

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